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Abu Coffee Cañas Verdes Geisha - Panama - Filter Coffee

Abu Coffee - Cañas Verdes

Geisha is considered as one of the most distinctive and exclusive coffee around the world. Abu Coffee is a Geisha varietal cultivated in the region of Cañas Verdes, Boquete, in a humid and rainy micro-climate typical of the tropical forest. 


  • Beans are 100% handpicked in the harvesting peaks to obtain a well-balanced and fruity natural coffee
  • The coffee is collected at the optimum maturation point and it is sun dried on raised beds for 21 days.
  • Medium to high sweet citric acidity. Heavy body with a buttery mouth-feel. Malt and dark chocolate in a long finish. 


  • Country: Panama
  • Province: Chiriqui
  • District: Boquete, Cañas Verdes
  • Farm: Abu Coffee
  • Altitude: 1550 masl.
  • Variety: Geisha 
  • Process: Natural 
  • Harvest: January to March
  • Weight: 100g
  • Fragnacne and Aroma: Jasmine Flower and Lemongrass
  • Taste and aftertaste: Caramel, Cacao Nibs, Fruity, Peach and Mandarins. 
  • Total Crop Area: 11 ha
  • Avg. Temperature: Day Time: 16° to 23°, Night Time: 10° to 15°
  • Soil: pH 4.5 - 6.0 Volcanic Soil with High Levels of Organic Material 
  • Shade: 60% by Native Species of Trees 
  • Avg. Rainfall: 3500 mm/year
  • Whole Coffee Beans