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Mirage Espresso Machine

The mirage was born from the desire to create a commercial espresso machine that integrates all of KVDW's knowledge of the classic thermo-syphon loop heat-exchanger system to realise a high precision machine. This machine boasts a modern updated version of the well-proven “e61” type system, offering everything you need from a professional espresso machine: meticulous temperature stability, a beautiful pre-infusion and huge steam capacity.


  • Auto-back-flush program, all groups pressurize and discharge simultaneously 8 times.
  • Energy saving hot water system. Some cold is added to the hot water, so less heated water is needed.
    This mix provides a steady, non-spattering stream with the correct temperature to prepare Americanos.
    The hot water is  controlled by a quick to adjust timer.
  • Bastone lever offers 2 automatic volumes plus continuous.
  • Drip tray adjustable in height
  • Stainless steel filter holders with KvdW POM handles.
  • PID controlled temperature, with energy saving Eco mode for nights and/or weekends.
  • Standard equipped with a Progressive Pre-Infusion Cylinder per group. This allows a finer grind, creating more surface,
    so a higher yield in the cup, less chance on channelling, preventing fines to travel down.
  • Wide choice in filter baskets, both sizes as types.
  • Rubber group gaskets remain flexible forever, do not become hard or brittle.
  • Membrane type group screen, very nice dispersion, less coffee sucked up by discharge of pressure at end of extraction. Remains clean longer.
  • Heavily protected heating element
  • Entire frame in stainless steel only
  • Large boiler capacity: 19ltr for the Triplette.
  • Elevated position of body, easy cleaning of bar surface.


  • Model: Bastone
  • Bodywork: Black frame, custom body
  • Color: Maroon
  • Logo: Own logo
  • Voltage: 230V
  • Frequency: 60hz
  • Phase: Single phase
  • Dimensions: 82 x 112 x 88cm
  • Gross Weight: 134kg