Nota Orchestrale Bottomless Portafilter: A Compact System For A Perfect Coffee Experience

Nota brings you a bottomless portafilter. It is one of the important equipment which helps in diagnosis of espresso extraction issues. We can remove the sprouts and expose the basket to let us watch the whole extraction process. This bottomless portafilter is also known as Naked or Crotchless portafilter. The unit has become an essential addition to the quality oriented Coffee shops barista tools.


Nota Orchestrale Bottomless portafilter lets you diagnose that the proper tamping technique has been achieved or not. In case you see the extraction leaning to one side this means that the angle used in the tamping was not proper. Moreover, if the rogue streams of espresso comes from the bottom of the baskets this means that the portafilter levels were not evenly dosed.

As this portafilter lets you troubleshoot the espresso extraction within no time, the coffee consistency is increased by bounds and leap providing you an edge over others.

With this portafilter and fresh espresso beans, a barista is able to yield 50% more crema. As the espresso shot comes in contact with no other surface than the bottom of your protafilter basket thus there is no chance of spouts. Thus the tiny bubbles of cream are kept intact and unharmed for a perfect coffee shot.

The coffee lovers get more cup clearance as there is no sprout in the coffee shot. Thus you can extract directly into the cup for serving, however, for brewing more than 12 oz, you will need a brewing vessel.

When you get more crema the flavours are enhanced with less contamination from dirty portafilters and you can clean the basket of portafilter after every shot.




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