Torch Coffee Measure House


Stimulate all of your senses, as you scoop a perfect measure of your chosen beans into your grinder with this fun, hand carved, Torch coffee measure house. With its distinctive grain and rustic handle, this practical 10 gram scoop has been modelled by designer, Takahashi Nakabayashi, to resemble a tiny Japanese house. This handy coffee making accessory not only helps to gauge the perfect measure – it’s a charming object that will stand elegantly in any modern kitchen.

Slight differences in the grain and timber used to create each measure results in each individual house being totally unique. Coffee drinkers with highly refined taste may even agree with Nakabayashi san that natural walnut and birch wood are the perfect choice for compatibility with the flavoursome, natural oils of the coffee beans. Each Torch coffee measure house is neatly embossed on the base, and packed in a stylish box conceived by Japanese design duo, Pomme dessin.