Kees Van Der Westen

Kees Van Der Westen - Slim Jim Duetto (Standard) Off-white


Meet the latest member of Kees Van Der Westen family of machines.

This machine combines features from both the classic mirage and high-end spirit. The Slim Jim carries KVDW signature espresso machine design looks and continues their tradition of performance and build quality. 


  • Equipped with multiple boilers: one large stainless-steel steam boiler to produce hot water and steam, one stainless steel boiler per group to brew coffee.
  • Very large shot timers, installed in full view, right below each group.
  • Intuitive operation by levers (bastones) that offer 2 automatic shot volumes per group.
  • Slow automatic infusion process, with stepless build-up of pressure to full extraction mode. This allows a finer grind, creating more surface, so a higher yield in the cup, less chance of channelling, preventing fines to travel down.
  • 10.5 litre steam boiler has 4800 or 6000W heating power and large heat exchanger with thermo-siphon controlled distribution block.
  • Electronic temperature control at distribution block feeds individual 0.8 litre self-bleeding coffee-boilers with 450W heating power each.
  • Two-temperature hot water system: Either instantaneous from the steam boiler or some cold added to provide a steady, non-spattering stream with the correct temperature to prepare Americanos.
  • Drip tray quickly adjustable in height
  • Stainless steel filter holders with KvdW handles; wide choice in filter baskets, both sizes as types; enduring flexibility of group gaskets, they do not become hard or brittle.
  • Membrane type group screen and polymer dispersion blocks account for very nice dispersion and will remain clean long.
  • Auto-back-flush program, all groups pressurize and discharge simultaneously 8 times.
  • Energy saving ECO mode for individual boilers or entire machine. Automatic ECO-OFF-ON times can be programmed.
  • Heavily protected heating element (extra safety level probe, cut-out switches, machine shuts down when any of the solenoid valves remains open for longer than 120 seconds).
  • Entire frame, boilers and manifolds in stainless steel only.
  • Elevated position of body, easy cleaning of bar surface, yet low enough to allow comfortable barista-customer contact.


    • Model: Baston 

    • Body work: Custom Body 

    • Legs: Tech Custom Legs 

    • Sides: B'rang -zw/gd (Off White)

    • 230V, 60Hz 

    • Single Phase 

    • Dimensions of crate: (D x W x H) 82 x 112 x 88cm

    • Gross Weight: 150kg