Slayer Steam LPx - 3 Group (BackOrder)

Galaxy Black
Bone Beige
Ultra White

Slayer Steam LPX - 3 Group

The Slayer Steam LPx is a version of Steam LP with a different set of aesthetic options. Featuring brown Duratex handles, actuators & cup rail, super polished chrome wings, and a Bone Beige panel colour.

This incredibly intuitive machine automatically records your settings as you dial in with the Record & Playback feature, making it easy to get your recipe right and then make the same great shot all day. You’ll experience the best of both worlds with the LP’s ability to work in both manual and volumetric modes.

Volumetric output for consistency, classic 9-bar pump extraction when you want it, intuitive ergonomics and a massive drain tray for smooth-efficient bar flow. The Steam line’s low-profile removes the barrier between barista and guest, enabling conversation and improving the cafe experience.


  • Pre-Infusion: 1-10 seconds. Internal regulator allows for 1-3 bars of pressure for a soft pre-infusion. Dynamically change the flavor and allow for a much finer grind.
  • Quick Calibration: Use Manual mode to dial in your coffee while the machine automatically records the settings. Easily save the recipe you like best to a volumetric mode for automated output aka “record and playback”.
  • Paddle Actuators: 2 volumetric settings per group
  • Shot timers
  • Individual brew temperatures
  • Lifetime shot counters
  • Quick and full clean settings
  • Advanced volumetric algorithm translates time to weight–– set up your automated volumetric settings for output by weight or time, whichever is your preference.
  • Electronic solenoid steam wands for extreme responsiveness, durability & efficiency
  • Hot water dose (2 presets)
  • Auto purge: set for before or after you pull a shot
  • Shot lights to illuminate your extraction
  • Massive, adjustable drip tray
  • Pre and post infusion 0-10 seconds
  • PID controlled independent brew tanks
  • Heads-up Barista Dashboard™ per grouphead for on the fly easy changes to your settings
  • Wing channels to hide hoses and wires
  • Available in 2 and 3 Group configurations


  • Width: 43.5in / 110.5cm
  • Length: 75in / 70.5cm
  • Height:75in / 42.5cm
  • Weight (tanks filled) 305lbs / 139kgs
  • Brew Tanks: 1.7 liters, 600 watts
  • Steam Tank: 12L, 4500W
  • 220-240V, 60hz
  • Wattage: 6300W

 Estimated shipping date March 1st